Goodies: Geek-Wear

Warning: This post is not exactly gaming-related, but this is my blog so bleh to you. Also, it’s really short, but I don’t care because I am stunned…absolutely STUNNED…

That I JUST discovered this site.

No, really.

What was I doing that made me miss this site and all its awesomeness? If it wasn’t for Google freakin’ Plus, I would never have found it.

I’m talking about Geek-Wear.

Iron Man's bracelet, you guys. For real.

Millennium Falcon cuff links, you guys. For real.


I don’t squeal over fashion or accessories too often, so trust me when I say that this is a big deal. Like, BayBooms big. I was browsing through a new community I wanted to join on G+ and found a link to Geek Wear in one of the posts. Naturally, I went into full-fledged shadow-ninja-stalker mode and looked up whatever I could on the only two people listed in the ‘About’ section, Chanchal Bhatia and Tony Kochhar. Kochhar founded Lightspeed Group, an interactive media agency with a focus on applications for mobile platforms. Chanchal Bhatia used to work at J.P. Morgan as an analyst, and then went on to co-found TLG, working on and now Geek Wear, which gives me hope that there is a way to escape the finance industry and make your passion your source of income as well.

Basically the site points you in the right direction of all things geek, from accessories to actual gadgetry, all of which vary in the theme and genre they represent but still solidly geeky. And I love it. I want to hug this site and roll around in a meadow with it while it tries to put Millennium Falcon cuff links on my shirt. You can view the product and its specifications on Geek Wear’s site, and then click on over to the actual purchase site (so far, the main one seems to be Amazon). Some might say there’s no need for this site, since you can just search the web yourself, but really, why? That’s like saying that there’s no need for a newspaper, aggregating all the important stuff and shoving it in your face each morning. I spend 90% of my time online, both for work and personal purposes, but even I was unaware that there was a Millennium Falcon Silicone Tray for making your own chocolate Falcons!

The point is, you might think that a website that points you in the right direction of where to buy the most random stuff ever (to some people at least) is not a needed or particularly great thing. But anyone who has ever tried hunting for just the right gift for the geek they love will be ever so thankful. So get on over and enjoy.

And FYI my birthday is in September and if you couldn’t tell, I am a Star Wars fan.


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