This is going to be a short post, since it’s really late here and I’m currently battling an addiction to BioShock Infinite. Plus, ‘Goodies’ posts are usually just meant to quickly highlight and describe some new nerd-gasm inducing site or item I’ve come across in my daily adventurous trawls through the depths of the Internet.

The other day, during a lull at work, I came across Sploder, a site that allows you to create your own game and publish it online for netizens to play and rate. Talk about the ultimate nerd-out! I registered once I got home and started making myself a platformer, the first level of which (yes, you can add and delete levels to your game) is below:

I call it "Slash Buddy." Lack of sleep = Low Creativity.

I call it “Slash Buddy.” Lack of sleep = Low Creativity.

As you can see from the image, you can add various environment objects and enemies. Those little black squares are vampire bats. Vampire bats, you guys. The interface is easy to understand and even simpler to use, and you can select from platformers, retro arcade, puzzle or classic shooters. You get a basic setup and then it’s all up to your imagination. I found it a neat way to shout out to that old arcade game nostalgia while at the same time prodding young minds to develop a vested interest in game design. If tools like this had been available back in my young mischief days, I would probably be a game designer today. True story.

There’s no rush to complete your game and you can add and remove levels as you wish. In between level design, you can enter into a pretty neat test environment to see if your game functions as you imagine it would. I had quite some fun trying to kill that bastard vampire bat, who flies around dodging every swing you make with your sword. Moving from the test to the design environment is smooth and seamless, just adding to the already impressive interface that Sploder offers. There are resources available for parents and kids alike, which is awesome because it’s one more link in this whole “Teach Kids Code” mantra that Zuckerberg & Co are pushing these days. More importantly, however, is the social aspect of the site. Users can friend-request one another, sharing knowledge, ideas and their proudly built games, and this all puts some extra fuel in the tank for the future of the game industry. Baby steps, ya’ll. Baby step[s.

So go on, give Sploder a try. Publish a game and I’ll check it out, and drop you a review here on What The Frag.

Next week: Microsoft’s May 21 event. Are you guys ready for this? Really ready? Because it’s gonna revolutionize the way we do gaming. Hehe. Until next time, stay classy.


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