True story.

True story.

Sup all?

Welcome to What The Frag, which I’ve decided to dedicate to my greatest passion in life, gaming. I know, I know…gaming blogs are done to death yeah? Good thing I don’t quite care. I’m a bad-ass like that.

I started gaming when I was about 7 years old, and like anyone else who has a deep appreciation for technology and humanity’s capacity for advancement, I still actively game on either my XBox 360, PC, or PS3. I don’t engage in fan-boy/girl behaviour or ‘console wars,’ because at the end of the day, I believe that we’re all gamers, regardless of the size of our controller (Heh).

A little background info…I’m originally from Sint Maarten, Dutch Caribbean. I relocated to The Netherlands in December 2009, and currently live in The Hague, or as I like to call it, Holland’s political melting pot. As I said before, I love gaming, regardless of platform or genre; I give everything a try. My real name is Melissa but in 2001, my best friend at university gave me the nickname MelChan and it stuck…there are people who actually just call me MelChan. Seriously.

Besides that, I have serious addictions to the following things:

1. Sushi

2. Office supplies (I love new notepads. Weird, I know.)

3. Food Network

4. Chocomel

5. Sleep

My nickname also happens to be my gamertag on XBL. For those on the other side of the world, keep in mind the time difference when trying to find me for a game. I tend to float around in the following games:

1. Halo 4

2. Modern Warfare 3

3. Mass Effect

4. FIFA 13

Hope that’s enough of an intro for you! Enjoy reading and please, do leave comments. Feedback is the fuel of a good blog.


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